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Sanjog Bhushan

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Currently he the #2 most influential teen in India as stated by “Times Of India” and “ The Telegraph”

Sanjog Bhushan

100 million streams later , Sanjog Bhushan commonly known as “TRIX” has finally made his mark
as of the most known teens in India , Out of a survey done by us , out of 10,000 poll voters , 7645
voters choose to hear the 20 year old music over the likes of Shankar Ehsaan Loy , Arijit Singh ,
Tanishk bagchi.

Sanjog Bhushan

His tunes Better days and Keep me up have completely dominated the streets , houses , stores
and more importantly hit the hearts of the common listens who now want to stream his music
more than the veterans of this industry . If rumours are true , He is to be mentioned in one of the
spots of u-21 most influential teens in India , an annual list circulated by Forbes . He soon turns
21 , his current loyal base is responsible for his meteoric rise to stardom. He is yet to mention
about his upcoming release with the young star keeping his life extremely private . Here are some
of the questions our interviewer asked him regarding his plans and ideas about his future.

Sanjog Bhushan

Interviewer - It’s a pleasure to talking to you today , why don't you start by telling us about
what inspired you to make such super hit tunes ?

Sanjog - Well , thanks for having me here today - Honestly I haven’t really thought about this myself . I have always made and will continue to make music just because I want to , I mean about 4-
5 years back I never thought I will be where I am today , I am grateful to my fans for always supporting me in whatever I make . I just hope that everything goes well for me in the future.

Interviewer - How did you manage to come out of a stereo typical environment to becoming
one of the most sought names in India ? Adding to it you hold the power now that your fans
follow whatever you say .

Sanjog - Like I said earlier , its all because of my fans , they decide who becomes a star and who
doesn’t. You just have to keep doing what you do and stay humble . Everything falls into place as
and when it’s meant to be . One of the major reasons I keep my life private is because of this , I
don’t want to be a dictator due to my position and fame .

Interviewer - I’ve heard from sources that you like to keep your personal life extremely private , no one knows about whereabouts , your socials , your friends , why have you kept
your life away from the stardom that comes with your name ?

Sanjog - Hahaha yes - I keep away from media and news it’s because I believe a lot stories and
rumours go on about me . I want to keep my personal life away from it . I do use social media so
that is no more a secret anymore . I find it best to keep it away for now . The day I feel I have made
my mark in the industry and have nothing more to achieve will be the day time I start opening up
about my life .

Interviewer - It was very hard to reach you and schedule this interview due to your prior
commitments but finally we are here , how you describe your usual routine during the day ? 

Sanjog - Sorry to keep you waiting , my usual routine is always waking up late ( everyone laughs )
but I start my day with doing my emails . I have a lot of them on daily basis .I eat some food and
then its time to focus on my newest investment , an esports organisation . Which requires a good
amount of time and effort , luckily I have good people in the organisation that handle stuff when I
am not around . Apart from it the usuals that everyone does during lockdown . My music making
is very irregular , depends on when my creativity works.

Interviewer - Tell us about what everyone wants to know - “ WHEN IS TRIX RELEASING HIS

Sanjog- Very very soon , its actually sooner than you can imagine , who knows I might drop
something in about 10-15 days maybe less. I know a lot of people are waiting to hear tunes and
that is why its taking so long , I want this to be good if not perfect I don’t want to release music
for the heck of it . I always strived to make my best and I will continue to release as and when I
feel my track is ready , I hope everyone understands. I want to put my best .

Recently you turned down the offer for being the Brand Ambassador for music/ causal
wear for Zara ? Due to this a lot of people who follow your work have boycotted the billion
dollar company , with the company facing losses they asked you to clear what was a clear
misunderstanding between your fans . What do you have to say about this ?

Sanjog - I already did speak over this , I had declined that honour because I still think I am not
ready for it not because I had some personal issues with them , I mean come on , Zara is one of
the biggest companies when it comes to fashion wear . It was just a personal decision since I
wasn’t ready for it as of now . I am extremely grateful towards Zara for thinking of me but as of
now I am much to achieve before endorsing brands . With all due respect it was a clear misunderstanding it wasn’t anything major and I personally don’t think it should be talked about anymore .

20 years of age. He has the world at his feet , couple of more hits will certify his name as
one of the few music stars to have been inducted in the Hall Of Fame . His current net worth
is increasing day by day and if the continues to deliver striking chart topping hits he would
be soon be the first name that comes to mind while we talk about musicians from India .
One of the most influential 20 year old figure in India , He has made an assured name as
one of the most sought after musician in India. His multi million fan base has made such a
prominent figure with labels like T-Series and Universal Music racing against each other to
sign him . A lot times we have heard that your name speaks for you ,Currently his name is
bigger than any individual or prestiges organisations combined . 

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