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IPCW fest ruckus: DU all

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After campus ruckus at Delhi University’s Miranda House witnessed last year, another similar incident has been reported at Indraprastha College for Women. A video showing guys storming the walls of Miranda House at Delhi University went popular on social media in October 2022.

IPCW fest ruckus: DU all

Students from the all-college women's claimed that men had engaged in sexist epithet-throwing, groping, and sexual harassment. A few months later, on March 28, 2023, a comparable incident occurred at Indraprastha College for Women, IPCW, where a number of men scaled the walls and harassed female students on campus.

IPCW fest ruckus: DU all

Students at IPCW have reported that male students and men had scaled the college campus fences and infiltrated during a college fest. According to student accounts, the men started climbing the walls after being turned away at the main entrance.

IPCW fest ruckus: DU all

Students also mentioned that Miranda House-style sexist sloganeering occurred. "Miranda, IP dono humara hai," the disorderly and inebriated men chanted as they ascended the walls (Miranda and IP both belong to us). On Tuesday night, videos showing guys scaling the fences and assisting one another to enter the college campus went viral, infuriating many people in the process.


Today, IPCW's fest was going when drunk men climbed the walls, forcefully entered the campus and harrassed Gender minorities.

Men were chanting "Miranda IP dono hamara" ,"Miranda nahi chhoda to IP bhi nahi chhodenge"

1/n pic.twitter.com/Lo2kvAE6Le

— Anjali (@anjali__27) March 28, 2023


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Similar incident happened at Miranda House

A similar incident occurred at Miranda House on October 14, 2022, when Ramjas College students scaled the walls and invaded the campus. Ramjas' catchphrase, "All of Miranda belongs to us," was chanted by the students in the group. Students at DU, particularly female students, are still calling for their safety months later.

Numerous female Delhi University students have spoken out against harassment, street harassment, groping, and other heinous acts that happen, especially during festival season. However, IPCW students claim that instead of taking appropriate action, the administration just locked up the students in the dorms. Students from IPCW and AISA were also condemning the delay. On March 31, 2023, there will be a march at the DU Arts Faculty.

FIR registered by police

According to sources, the Delhi Police has filed FIR under sections 337 of the Indian Criminal Code (IPC) (causing harm by risking the life or safety of others) and 188 (disobedience to an order properly issued by a public officer). The police also revealed that they had detained 7 men altogether. Students claimed that there was a stampede-like situation caused by the big crowd, which led to numerous students being hurt on campus.

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