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US and EU seek to take away Google’s monopoly, know details

source:xsntime:2023-11-30 19:15:03

The tech behemoth Google is under fire as numerous governments around the world try to end its monopoly power. Google recently experienced a significant setback after a European Union(EU) court upheld the EU's $4.12 billion antitrust fine.  Google was penalised for allegedly placing strategic limitations on Android phone manufacturers so that only its own search engine would profit.  Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State for Electronics and IT(MEITY), is leading the nation's participation and response in the global antitrust drive, and Indian authorities are also stepping up their investigation into Google.  The Competition Committee of India (CCI), the Indian government's antitrust watchdog, is also working on a complaint the DNPA filed against Google (Digital News Publishers Association). The DNPA is requesting a fair split of the advertising revenue generated by Google on the digital news publisher platforms it operates. Leading DNPA member media organisations have banded together to urge global tech behemoths like Google to treat domestic news providers fairly and increase revenue transparency. The big tech monopolies have also been the subject of discussions by a parliamentary committee. In the US, Google will probably be the target of several lawsuits. Google was charged with monopolistic behaviour by the US Department of Justice, who went before a federal judge. Big telecom companies could lose out on enormous earnings if the case goes to trial and Google is found guilty. This comes after recent revelations suggested that Google may have paid billions of dollars to telecom giants like Samsung, Apple, and others to ensure the monopoly of its search engine. Meanwhile, a group of 13 powerful corporations urged the US Congress to support a proposed law that would significantly curtail the authority of Google and other titans of the tech industry. The White House also joined the campaign against major tech companies and unveiled six reform-oriented principles. Eliminating the special protection and immunity that social media companies enjoy with regard to the platforms' handling of false information is one of the principles outlined by US President Joe Biden's administration. Additionally, lawmakers in South Korea fined Alphabet and Meta a total of $71 million for allegedly violating privacy. Investigations revealed Google was gathering and analysing user data and monitoring website usage.

US and EU seek to take away Google’s monopoly, know details