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What are bomb shelters where Indian Embassy has asked its nationals to take refuge

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India is doing every bit to save its citizens trapped in a war zone in the European country of Ukraine. While Russia begins an all out attack on its neighbour, India is very worried for its citizens there and has asked them to rush to the nearby bomb shelter. There are about 18,000 Indians in Ukraine, most of whom are students.

What are bomb shelters where Indian Embassy has asked its nationals to take refuge

"Check Google Maps and find the bomb shelters," Indian embassy adviced Indian nationals in Ukraine who are caught in a difficult situation because of the attack launched by Russia on Ukraine on Thursday.  Russian attacks on Ukraine are intensifying. Sirens are heard in Ukraine's capital Kyiv. Attacks are taking place on military bases in many areas of Ukraine. 

What are bomb shelters where Indian Embassy has asked its nationals to take refuge

Embassy of India in Ukraine in its third advisory asks Indian nationals to head to bomb shelters if they are at places where air sirens/bomb warnings can be heard pic.twitter.com/YmHGZrnZwt

What are bomb shelters where Indian Embassy has asked its nationals to take refuge

— ANI (@ANI) February 24, 2022

Russia says it is not an attack on Ukraine but a special military operation. Amid all this, the process of returning Indians from Ukraine is also in progress. The Indian embassy guidelines for Indians states that if they hear the sirens of the attack, then search for bomb shelters nearby from Google Map. Here we try to understand what that means.

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What are bomb shelters?

Bomb shelter is a terminology related to a war. In general terms, it is a closed space that is made to protect people from the effects of explosive weapons like bombs and missiles. This is usually a room or area that is underground, specially designed to protect it from the effects of bombs, which is used as a refuge during air strikes.

What is there in a bomb shelter?

A formal bomb shelter has a number of special facilities such as drinking water, packaged food, emergency medicines, battery operated radio, emergency flashlight or torch, spare battery and such other goods stored for a minimum of three days' needs. 

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Where in Kyiv is bomb shelter located?

Bomb shelters are not formally built everywhere in the city. There are many such places in the city which can serve as a bomb shelter if needed or can be used as a bomb shelter.

At present, the metro stations of Kyiv are being used for this purpose. Not only this, the edges of the lower part of the flyover also sometimes work as a bomb shelter.

Threat to the people of Kyiv

Russia has given an assurance that its army is attacking military bases only and not civilians and civilian targets. But the people of Ukraine are recognizing the danger.

Kyiv residents are taking refuge in the underground metro stations of the city. This metro network is the oldest and largest underground network in the country used as bomb shelters.