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How the Pandemic is Changing Perceptions in Buying Behaviour

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The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the way that people perceive the idea of a home. Buyer behavior has changed significantly, leading to a paradigm shift in the manner that people now look at how and where to live, including their overall sentiment towards what was once seen as long-term commitment, home ownership. People who were once living contentedly, cocooned in the comfort of their homes during the arduous lockdown have woken up, and smelt the coffee. They have awakened with them a booming marketplace of first-time buyers who are in the market for a place to call their own, where they can safely and securely envision their families thriving peacefully in the long term.

How the Pandemic is Changing Perceptions in Buying Behaviour

According to a survey conducted by Knight Frank Research, 19% of people globally and 26% of Mainstream Indians have moved to a new home within the pandemic period.

How the Pandemic is Changing Perceptions in Buying Behaviour

People who were on the edge about buying a home have jumped into the market seeking homes that are more space intensified. The post-COVID scenario has altered the homebuyers’ preferences and developers’ strategies, as well as brought forth a new phase for Indian real estate as a whole.

How the Pandemic is Changing Perceptions in Buying Behaviour

The aftermath of the rigorous lockdown is still palpable as people who were initially forced to spend more time at home, have now begun to get accustomed to having the additional recreation and amenities to keep them company in their immediate surroundings. Homes that are nestled amidst greenery, offer pollution-free air and ample space for people to thrive is what the need of the hour truly is. Thus, home buyers who are on the fence have begun making the most of this positive climate and investments in residential property are on a steady rise.

Amila Hills presents the perfect opportunity for a lot of prospective home buyers to make the move to the gorgeous hills of Shimla.

This luxury real estate development is located 6510 ft. above MSL, giving you perfect weather all year round. Presenting a host of housing options that range from luxurious villas to 3,2,1 BHK residences and even studio residences. There is something for everyone at Amila Hills.

Considering the current scenario, the high value of urban amenities like restaurants, closeness to the city centre, and other amenities that were once the talk of the town have taken a back seat, and the value of greenery, pollution-free environment and amenities that can be enjoyed in your own backyard, away from the busy city crowd has skyrocketed. The once needed social-distancing has created a section of buyers who desire safety, security and ample space when it comes to choosing their homes. With the continuation of WFH and online education, people are a lot more home-bound than they have ever been, thus they have realised the importance of space, and the trends are clearly indicative of this.

At Amila Hills, potential home-owners can imagine losing themselves in the bounties of nature while being able to pamper themselves and their loved ones with the luxurious benefits and opportunities for activities all located within the property.

  • High Street Shopping
  • Helipad
  • Temple
  • Nature Trails
  • Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Gold Class Cinema
  • Clubhouse with all amenities and many more.

The considerations that people have begun to enjoy indoor gatherings, intimacy, space and the simpler pleasures in life they had once forgotten. It has led many buyers to jump into the market of home ownership, leaning towards larger homes than they once planned on purchasing. More and more individuals and mid-sized families are open to the idea of living in a bigger space, or villas as they re-evaluate their priorities and cherish the sense of security that comes with owning a spacious home.

Experience community living in a gated development property like Amila Hills whilst maintaining your own privacy through standalone villas.

We invite you to invest in the bigger picture when you choose your future home at Amila Hills. Your new home can be right in the lap of nature, where life is slow, the air is fresh and all the simple pleasures of life are just around the corner of your beautiful gated community.


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