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Vanitaa Rawat records her first podcast for Spotify

source:androidtime:2023-12-07 12:47:36

Vanitaa Rawat, a celebrated NLP Practitioner / Content Creator & Influencer, records her first podcast for Spotify with Chef Saurabh Nandwani.

Vanitaa Rawat records her first podcast for Spotify

In the words of Vanitaa, this was an excellent experience. Primarily because this was my first ever podcast, and it was for something that happens to be my soul food, "Samosa". She says that Chef Saurabh shared such amazing details of the history of Samosa that I am more in love with it.

Vanitaa Rawat records her first podcast for Spotify

This podcast adds one more feather in Vanitaa’s cap as she now has the opportunity to venture into newer dimensions of Content Creation.

Vanitaa Rawat records her first podcast for Spotify

In Vanitaa’s words, "I’m very keen on working on voice modulation and pitch to continue exploring my talent via podcasts and voice-overs."

"With the number of podcast listeners increasing by the day, it will be a challenging yet enriching task for smart speakers and talents like us to push our potential and raise the bar," she adds.

Vanitaa Rawat also moderated Surat city’s Brand Influencers' 2nd community meeting where the aim was to connect, collaborate, and network to expand various business platforms. The segment for the event was F&B and all affiliates like food styling, nutrition, branding, and content creation of the F&B industry. The panel discussion revolved around the most critical aspect of Food & Nutrition, and it was an insightful experience.

She feels that learning, sharing, and affiliating with the content creators of all segments will create healthy competition and better quality of content created and served on social media.

She aims to continue exploring various dimensions and channels of communication and reach out to various parts of the globe.