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A fascinating insight into the soft footbed by BIRKENSTOCK

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At the end of a long day at work, all you want to do is remove your shoes, toss your bag, pop in the shower, and change into something cosy and comfortable. But wait. What if the most comfortable aspect of your busy day was your shoes? And what if you NEVER wanted to remove them?

A fascinating insight into the soft footbed by BIRKENSTOCK

With BIRKENSTOCK, this is a distinct possibility! Over the years, the brand has established itself as the personification of unparalleled comfort and evergreen style when it comes to footwear. Since its conception, comfort has been at the core of the brand’s philosophy. Their iconic contoured footbed, often copied, never equalled (in their own words!), is the fundamental in which the comfort quotient resides.

A fascinating insight into the soft footbed by BIRKENSTOCK

The original BIRKENSTOCK footbed comprises four layers: jute, cork-latex, followed by a second layer of jute, topped with a suede finish. For a brand that has defined and maximized comfort for its wearers, it was a question of what they could add to make their footwear even more comfortable and sought-after. To make the footbed experience even better, an extra layer of foam insert was added before the suede cover. This added detail formed a footbed variant: the Soft-Footbed, distinguished by the bright blue BIRKENSTOCK logo.

A fascinating insight into the soft footbed by BIRKENSTOCK

The anatomically shaped BIRKENSTOCK footbed provides the same comfort as standing barefoot on a beach. Designed based on the impression of feet on sand, the footbed mimics the natural shape of the sole. It has a deep heel cup, arch support for the middle sole, followed by the toe grooves, and a high footbed edge that protects the toe during the rolling motion while walking. These little details ensure that your feet are always at ease, during both activity and rest.

Here is a list of some of the most-loved BIRKENSTOCK sandals that are available in the Soft Footbed variation:

  1. Arizona: The classic slip-on sandal features two straps and adjustable metal buckles. Available in a plethora of material and colour options, the versatile sandal pairs well with almost everything in your wardrobe.
  2. Zurich: Modest and minimal, Zurich has the lightness of a sandal with the grip of a closed shoe. Pair it with everything casual/semi-casual.
  3. Kyoto: Robust and compact, Kyoto has a hook and loop fastener which enables a custom fit. The ideal weekend sandal, pair it with casual wear.
  4. Florida: The maximal sandal with three straps and adjustable buckles is perfect for a boho-chic aesthetic.
  5. Gizeh: The elegant thong sandal has a graceful upper design featuring a toe post. Ideal for a day-to-night look, the versatile sandal can be paired with almost all kinds of ensembles.
  6. Medina: The robust and rugged thong sandal is perfect for active days out.
  7. Boston: The classic BIRKENSTOCK clog is a super versatile closed-toe sandal with the ease of a slip-on pattern. It pairs well with formals/semi-formals.
  8. Tulum: A sporty sandal, it features cross-over straps and an adjustable buckle. It can be paired with athleisure as well as casual wear.
  9. Milano: Sturdy yet elegant, Milano features an ankle strap in addition to two straps. Perfect for a day out, it pairs well with sporty casual wear. 

No matter what your personal style, these soft footbed BIRKENSTOCK sandals are a versatile choice. Now that you know the range of luxury and comfort that’s out there for your feet, how can you resist buying these brilliant sandals? Go on; treat yourself to some much-deserved ease and style.