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Vikram Vedha directors Pushkar

source:iostime:2023-12-07 11:52:49

The husband-wife filmmakers Pushkar and Gayatri are currently basking in the success of their debut web series Suzhal: The Vortex. A dark crime thriller set around the nine days of the fascinating Mayana Kollai festival, the show has been showered with praises from the audience, critics, and celebrities like SS Rajamouli, Dhanush, and Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Vikram Vedha directors Pushkar

Pushkar and Gayatri are now awaiting the release of their first Hindi film Vikram Vedha slated to release in cinemas on September 30. An official remake of their own Tamil blockbuster, the neo-noir crime action thriller sees Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan playing the roles originally played by R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in the 2017 Tamil film.

Vikram Vedha directors Pushkar

In an exclusive conversation with DNA, we asked the directors why didn't they choose to cast R. Madhavan in the Bollywood remake as well, considering his major popularity among Hindi-speaking audiences. Pushkar answered, "I think there was a balance of casting we all of us were looking for. Maddy (Madhavan) had also started Rocketry by then so there were logistical issues. I think this is the cast that ultimately fell into place and we got two superb performers at the end of it."

Vikram Vedha directors Pushkar

Gayatri added how it proved to be a better decision as they got an opportunity to work with new people. "I think it is like working with new people also. We believe that 50% is the script and 50% is what the actors bring in so we have two very confident actors (Hrithik and Saif) so it was like the same script, but a different film."

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When the couple was asked if they felt burdened by directing two superstars in their first Hindi film, Pushkar said, "Actually not. Both of them are lovely people. Our creative collaboration with them was brilliant. This is not just saying stuff, every day of shooting with Hrithik and Saif was a complete joy. They come so well prepared and they have multiple questions and options. It was such a lovely and fun experience."

"You see them perform in different ways and it has to click for them, for us so there never was an equation like we are new to the industry. They were actually very, very open and they would always look up and see if we are okay with the take or not. That kind of generousity and sweetness they had", concluded Gayatri.