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Uttar Pradesh: 10

source:rnatime:2023-11-30 18:44:43

Police stated on Sunday that they had detained three persons in connection with the death of a 10-year-old kid, who they said was sacrificed after an occultist asked them to do so.

Uttar Pradesh: 10

Vivek Verma, son of Parsa village resident Krishna Verma, was reported missing on Thursday night, according to Superintendent of Police Prashant Verma.

Uttar Pradesh: 10

According to him, the corpse of the kid was discovered in the field the same evening, and it seemed that someone had cut the child's throat.

Uttar Pradesh: 10

The investigation revealed that the deceased child's cousin Anoop had a kid who was both intellectually retarded and chronically ill, and who was just two and a half years old. After conventional medicine failed to help Anoop, he allegedly sought out an occultist in a nearby hamlet.

Police said that Anoop and Vivek's uncle Chintaram murdered the youngster with a shovel after being urged by the occultist to engage in human sacrifice.

According to the police, Anoop, Chintaram, and the occultist were all detained on Saturday as part of the investigation.

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On Sunday, the SP announced that a murder charge had been filed against the suspect.

(With PTI inputs)