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Twitter ex

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Twitter’s former employee who left the company before Elon Musk started the firm's mass layoffs in order to prevent his coworkers from losing their job. Andrew Haigh, an ex-employee, made the decision to leave a week ago.   After six years at Twitter, Andrew reflected on his time there and said he left the firm on his own terms to spare his teammates from Elon Musk's mass layoffs. According to Andrew's LinkedIn profile, he has worked at Twitter since 2016.  "Today is my last official day at Twitter after quitting last week. Although it wasn't an easy choice, it was made at the appropriate time. I left on my own terms in the hopes that others could be given the chance to keep their careers”, Andrew wrote on Twitter.  

Some news: last week I resigned from my role at Twitter and today is my last official day.

This wasn’t an easy decision but it was the right one at the right time. I left on my own terms and I hoped that in doing so, it meant others might get an opportunity to keep their jobs.

Twitter ex

— Andrew Haigh (@AndrewHaigh) November 4, 2022
  He bid his goodbyes to his coworkers from his six years at Twitter as well as the firm itself.  (Also Read: Mumbai: Company gets inspired by Elon Musk, to employ balloons for space tourism) "I'd like to thank everyone at Twitter that I've worked with over the past 6.5 years. There was really something amazing there. One of the highlights of my work has been getting to see all of you develop both personally and professionally while also creating some incredible products that are utilised by millions of people,” he added. Along with his departure, Andrew offered help to the "Tweeps" and stated his intention to help them in any way from the outside. So what comes next? " First off, throughout the next few weeks, I'll be helping Tweeps as much as I can. You may all access my WhatsApp and Direct Messages. The ex-Twitter worker tweeted, "#LoveWhereYouWorked. He will then take a break from Twitter and the news cycle to spend more time with his family. Andrew said he also wants to volunteer and help those who are in need in the North East, where he resides. Before looking for his next challenge, he said, "I'm trying to use this time to meet with and learn from individuals who I respect across media and tech." He added: "I'm hoping to apply the skills and knowledge I've gained at Twitter to have a significant impact on the world."

Twitter ex